Don't Say It. Show It.

Epic Pen: A Digital Tool for On-Screen Drawing and Annotation

With Epic Pen you can


A Pen For Your PC

Epic Pen is a powerful yet simple communication aid that enhances your ability to express ideas, collaborate, and engage with others. Epic Pen allows you to draw and annotate over any application without interrupting your workflow, making it the perfect companion for effective communication.

How It Works

With Epic Pen, you can convey your thoughts and concepts by drawing directly on the screen. Effortlessly underline important details and emphasise critical information. Through visually enhancing your content with Epic Pen, you capture the attention of your audience and gain clearer understanding.

Loved By Our Users

Epic Pen transcends the role of a simple drawing tool, becoming an indispensable communication companion. Whether you're presenting, collaborating, teaching, or simply engaging with others, Epic Pen empowers you to express your ideas and communicate effectively through visual annotations and drawings.

Lower The Barriers Of Remote Working

Epic Pen goes beyond individual expression. It encourages collaboration and interactive discussions. This real-time interaction creates an immersive and engaging environment, enabling everyone to actively participate and share ideas effectively.

More Effective Education & Training

Epic Pen's user-friendly interface, accompanied by keyboard shortcuts for quick access to tools and functions, empowers you to communicate seamlessly and efficiently. It eliminates barriers and streamlines your communication process, allowing you to focus on your ideas and the message you want to deliver.

Want To Know More?

Have a look at what Epic Pen can do in this fantastic tutorial by YouTuber Kevin Stratvert.



The easiest way to get started with Epic Pen


  • Pen, eraser & highlighter
  • Fading Ink
  • Highlighted Cursor
  • Shapes tools
  • Text tool
  • Whiteboard & blackboard
  • Screenshot tool
  • 16 Colors


More tools and features.

/ month

Charged annually at €24.00 / year


Monthly billing also available at / month. Click here for more info.

  • Pen, eraser & highlighter
  • Fading Ink
  • Highlighted Cursor
  • Shapes tools
  • Text tool
  • Whiteboard & blackboard
  • Screenshot tool
  • 24 Colors
  • Easy licence management
  • Great value

Licences are managed using the Epic Pen accounts portal. You can move and re-assign licences at any time.

Multiple Licences

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