Get to know Epic Pen

How Epic Pen Works

Epic Pen allows you to draw over any application on Windows and Mac without interruption. User-friendly features including Pen and Highlighter empower you to draw over webpages, maps, live video, stock charts, video games and more.

Reasons You'll Love Epic Pen

Ink Overlay

Epic Pen creates an overlay on your screen that allows you to write, draw, highlight and screenshot anywhere on your screen.

Hotkey Support

Fully customisable that can be used to easily access every feature in Epic Pen.

Pressure Sensitivity

Epic Pen supports full pen pressure sensitivity when using a supported device including Wacom tablets or Microsoft Surface products.


Draw with multiple fingers on-screen using a supported touch screen device.

Everything You Can Do


Pen & Highlighter

Annotate with clarity using our Pen feature. The highlighter can bring attention to even the smallest of details. Circle capital cities or underline a key sentence. The screen is your canvas.



Capture and share your work with our bespoke and easy-to-use screenshot tool. Take a snapshot of any portion of your screen. You can save your screenshots to the folder of your choice or copy them straight to the clipboard.

Financial charts

Color Palette

Choose from 16 carefully selected and eye-catching colors to bring life to your annotations.

Have a suggestion? Let us know!

We love to hear from our users. Let us know if you have any feature suggestions!

Do Even More With Epic Pen Pro


Let your words do the talking. The Text tool allows you to type anywhere on your screen in any color or size. Simply click and start typing.


Get in shape. Epic Pen Pro contains expressive shapes including lines, ellipses, rectangles and arrows.


A Whiteboard with the power of Epic Pen Pro. Toggle your screen into a Whiteboard with the click of a button. This feature is also available as a Blackboard.

More Colors

Express yourself more. Epic Pen Pro expands the color palette to a vibrant assortment of 24 attention-grabbing colors.