Frequently Asked Questions


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1. What is Epic Pen?

Epic Pen is a tool that allows you to draw or write on your screen without interacting with the software in the background. This means you can annotate over almost anything!

2. How do I activate Epic Pen Pro?

Simply launch the free Basic Version and enter your code in the 'Activate Pro' submenu.

3. How do I move my Epic Pen Pro license to a new computer?

Log in to https://accounts.epicpen.com using your Epic Pen account details. Find your activation code and click "View Details". In the details view of the activation code, click "Reset Activation Code". You will now be able to use your activation code on the new device.

4. I did not receive my Pro code or receipt.

Please check your junk or spam.

5. Where do I download or update Epic Pen Pro?

There is no separate installer for Epic Pen Pro, all the additional tools and features are unlocked from within the free basic version available here.

You will be notified within the Epic Pen app if there is an update available, simply follow the link to update to the latest version.

6. Can teachers use Epic Pen for free?

If you are using Epic Pen within a classroom environment or for any commercial use, we require you to purchase a Pro license.  If you are a school or university, please reach out to us for a quote. We're happy to provide educational discounts.

7. Does Epic Pen support mouse/tablet/pen/touchscreen devices?

Epic Pen supports all input devices. We recommend HUION brand graphics tablets as a pen input device that works well with Epic Pens features as well as being reasonably priced.

8. How can I activate Epic Pen from the command line?

To activate Epic Pen from the command line, simply run the Epic Pen installer using the following command-line arguments:

EpicPenSetup.exe /ac=[your activation code here]

If you use a web proxy you'll need to add these arguments:

/proxyHost=[your proxy host here] /proxyPort=[your proxy port here]

You can also pass a /silent argument to run the installer silently, which you may find useful for deploying Epic Pen Pro on multiple devices at once. Consider the follow as an example:

EpicPenSetup.exe /silent /ac=[your activation code here] /proxyHost=[your proxy host here] /proxyPort=[your proxy port here]

9. Epic Pen ink does not show up in OBS/Teams/Zoom

If you are using screen sharing software or screen recording software such as OBS, Microsoft Teams or Zoom, you may find that Epic Pen ink does not always show up in the screen capture.

If you want to capture Epic Pen ink in this software you need to ensure you choose to record the entire screen. If you are looking to share a PowerPoint window over Zoom, for example, make sure you choose to share the screen that the PowerPoint window is on, and not only the PowerPoint window itself. This is because software like Zoom, Teams and OBS will see the Epic Pen ink and the PowerPoint window as different windows, and if you choose to share the PowerPoint window only, these programs will typically ignore the Epic Pen ink.

10. What is "BrightData"?

You will get access to either the Text tool or Whiteboard tool in exchange for safely using some of your device’s resources, and only in a manner that will not substantially affect the device's operation (you can see exactly how on https://brightdata.com/sdk/faq#sdk_app_connect). You may turn this off from the settings menu. Please see our TOS https://epicpen.com/eula and the SDK Privacy Policy at https://brightdata.com/legal/sdk-privacy for further information.

If you would prefer to use Epic Pen without any BrightData related software being installed a BrightData-free version of Epic Pen is available to download from https://epicpen.com/downloadclean . This build lacks the option to use any of the Pro tools without an Epic Pen Pro license.

11. Is Epic Pen available on mobile/tablet?

At this time, Epic Pen is only available on desktop for Windows and Mac users. There are no plans in the immediate future to bring it to mobile/tablet.

12. I purchased Pro before Accounts was introduced, what should I do?

To activate your account, simply create a new account using the same email address that you originally purchased Epic Pen Pro with. Once you have created an account and successfully logged in, you should see your license information on the dashboard.

13. I have lost access to my Pro features, what can I do?

If you have lost access to your Pro features, simply create/log on to your account to view your activation code. You must create/log in to your account using the email address that is associated with your license code. Once you have logged in, select Reset Activation Code to reset your code and navigate back to the Epic Pen app. Once there, input your code to activate Pro and resume access to your Pro features.


1. Epic Pen isn't working

If for any reason Epic Pen isn't working please explain in detail exactly what's not working and contact us. Is it not launching? Is it crashing or unresponsive? Please provide as much information as you can and attach a screenshot where possible.

2. Epic Pen isn't working with my game/software

Some software will render on top of Epic Pen when in full-screen mode. If Epic Pen is not working, try your software or game in fullscreen windowed mode.

3. Epic Pen Pro won't work across all windows accounts.

To activate Epic Pen Pro so that it is activated for all users on the same computer, you will need to activate it using the command line.

Please see "How can I activate Epic Pen from the command line?" in the FAQ for details.

4. How do I save my edits with a clean background?

You can use the white and blackboard tools to place a blank screen behind your notes to save them on a clean page. This is a Pro license only feature.

5. Epic Pen hotkeys don't map to my graphics tablet

You should be able to map Epic Pen hotkeys to your Wacom stylus buttons by mapping them to the same keystroke as Epic Pen uses. If you are having difficulty mapping the keystroke in Wacom tablet properties you need to ensure Epic Pen is closed otherwise it will interfere with the mapping.

6. Epic Pen Pro won't activate.

Epic Pen may fail to activate with the following error messages:

Network Error

Epic Pen is having trouble connecting to our servers. Please make sure your internet connection is working. Trying a different internet connection may help if possible. Try temporarily turning off any firewalls or anti-virus software you may be running as this can sometimes interfere with the activation process. You may re-enable these once Epic Pen is activated.

Too many devices activated

You may have activated Epic Pen on more computers than you have bought licenses for. If you wish to move your license to a new computer, just contact us, and we can reset your activation code for you. Otherwise, you can always purchase more licenses from the payment page.

Invalid activation code

Make sure you have entered your activation code correctly. The activation code is a 24 character long code we will have emailed you after receiving your payment.